The Australian Builders Plate (ABP) is a key feature of the safety compliance of boats in Australia and almost all recreational boats are required to comply with the requirement to display a suitable ABP.

Detailed information on the Australian Builders Plate (ABP) is available from the ANZSBEG here.

To order plates for the ABP, please click here and include ABP in the subject line or call 08 9227 7899.



The BIAA manages the national registration and administration of Manufacturer’s Identity Codes (MIC), a key element of the Hull Identification Number (HIN) which is crucial in the compliance, safety and security identification of boats in Australia and around the world. All boatbuilders and dealers importing boats into Australia should have a MIC code and use this in the inscription of a HIN on each boat they build or import.

To register for a MIC or to obtain advice on the use of a MIC and a HIN, please contact BIAA at lynleigh@biaa.com.au including MIC/HIN in the subject line of your email, or call 08 9227 7899.