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Boat Fuel Consumption Measurement Standard Published

Marine Reserves Must be Science Based

The Australian peak boating body, the Boating Industries Alliance Australia is calling on the Government to take positive action to ensure Australia’s five million boaters and fishers are not ‘locked out’ of any proposed Commonwealth Marine Reserve Network.

Foreign multinational environmental groups have waded into Australia’s Marine Park planning process demanding the Government zone thousands of kilometres of Australia’s oceans to ‘Green’, effectively locking Australia’s boaters and fishers out of these areas forever. There is no science to support these views and no evidence that the proposed zones will in any way be beneficial to the environment or bio-diversity.

The Government has no management plan or infrastructure to police the proposed zones, making the objectives of the marine reserve network completely unenforceable. By denying boaters and fishers access to vast swathes of the oceans, the Government is increasing the risk of foreign fishing fleets plundering Australian waters without scrutiny. Boaters and fishers are typically the only eyes on the water in these areas and with the planned ‘lock outs’, the Government risks losing one of the most significant resources it has available to ensure the sustainable conservation of the marine environment.

The latest plans, revealed in a series of invitation-only presentations around the country, are dramatically different from those that went on public exhibition and if gazetted would result in devastating job losses and business collapses right around the nation in the hundreds of Australia’s coastal communities that rely on boating and fishing activities.

The BIAA fully supports the principles of marine reserves, however, has maintained a consistent position that the zoning must be science and evidence based. “We remain very concerned that the current proposals have no basis in science or fact”, said Nik Parker, General Manager of the BIAA. “The finalisation of …

GST changes…??

In continuing developments to extend the policy on GST-free use of new recreational craft which are to be exported from Australia, recent comments from key federal government officials have suggested that a decision on extending the period from 60 days to 12 months may be taken within the next few weeks. This will be good news for the manufacturing industry in helping to combat the current high value Australian dollar and also the tourism sector by providing for extended cruising of new boats before they depart for foreign shores. An announcement is expected by the end of June and an early implementation is expected to follow a positive decision.”

“Commonwealth marine reserves outlined for SW Australia…
The Australian Government has announced a consultation on a proposed network of Commonwealth marine reserves for the south-west marine region, stretching from Kangaroo Island in the east to Shark Bay World Heritage Area in the west.

The network of reserves comprises a mix of zones that will impact on activities permitted within designated areas, including extensive Marine National Park zones with only very limited scope of activities, which do not include recreational fishing.

In consultation with local BIA representatives from Western Australia and South Australia, it is clear that while generally the proposals do not impact the industry or boaters in such a dramatic way as state marine parks, there are a number of specific concerns with some zones being very close to or encompassing key recreational fishing areas. A combined response will be made to the consultation by BIAA and local state BIAs: any member wishing to contribute should review the consultation document and then contact their state BIA office or direct comments to BIAA directly using CONTACT US on the website.

Boating Industry Alliance welcomes GST changes for recreational marine industry


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Why Are New Era Hats So Popular

There are some brand names and the products that are attached to such brand names that have stood the test of time. One such brand name is New Era and their awesome collection of hats. New Era is a well-known and popular name and those who love hats and caps may perhaps not need too much introduction as far as their caps and hats are concerned. Though some people may consider that New Era Hats are a bit on the expensive side, there is no denying the fact that when it comes to style, fashion relevance, quality of material, workmanship, design, logo style and other such attributes, it is far ahead of many such brands. Over the next few lines we will have a look at some main reasons for the growing popularity of this brand of hats and how it has managed to stay ahead of time and has adapted to changing styles, fashion requirements, and other such changes that customers have expected of them.

It is an old and proven brand name

It would be pertinent to mention here that it is a proven brand name because of its experience, expertise and other such factors. The first hats rolled out from the workshops of New Era way back in 1920. They, therefore, have more than 100 years’ of experience and expertise in this area. They have evolved and changed with time and have reinvented the wheel to cater to changing tastes and preferences of customers. At the same time, it would be interesting to mention here that some other big names that may have started with a lot of fanfare and excitement have fallen by the wayside. Therefore it is quite obvious that there are a few things that set New Era apart from the rest of the

Know the benefits of commercial security cameras for your business

After investing in your business and building your resources, you also need to make sure that your business is safe and secure from all kind of dangers. This is the reason why you need to install commercial security cameras in your property as it will help in protecting your business and its assets. The right kind of installation will offer you higher return on your investment and hence you need to select a system carefully for getting the desired outcome. Whether you want a simple or a complex security camera, you will need to explore the different options for selecting the best one for the needs of your commercial property.

There are many benefits of commercial security cameras and the most important benefit is that it minimizes the risks of theft or burglary at your business premise. It also act as crime deterrent so that you can be rest assured that no one will try to enter your property after finding security camera installed at your property. Any illegal activities can be prevented so that anyone planning to carry out any crime will stop from doing anything that might cause any harm to your business. Hence, you will have peace of mind as you will be aware of the happenings at the premise so that any suspicious activity will be tracked and stopped. The security camera also acts as a deterrent so that no criminal will carry on with his burglary plan. The camera is used for recording the entire incident so that you will have strong evidence against the criminal and you can also easily catch the criminals with the help of police. Hence, you should get the cameras installed professionally at your property so that you will play an important role in preventing future crimes.


The benefits …