GST changes…??

In continuing developments to extend the policy on GST-free use of new recreational craft which are to be exported from Australia, recent comments from key federal government officials have suggested that a decision on extending the period from 60 days to 12 months may be taken within the next few weeks. This will be good news for the manufacturing industry in helping to combat the current high value Australian dollar and also the tourism sector by providing for extended cruising of new boats before they depart for foreign shores. An announcement is expected by the end of June and an early implementation is expected to follow a positive decision.”

“Commonwealth marine reserves outlined for SW Australia…
The Australian Government has announced a consultation on a proposed network of Commonwealth marine reserves for the south-west marine region, stretching from Kangaroo Island in the east to Shark Bay World Heritage Area in the west.

The network of reserves comprises a mix of zones that will impact on activities permitted within designated areas, including extensive Marine National Park zones with only very limited scope of activities, which do not include recreational fishing.

In consultation with local BIA representatives from Western Australia and South Australia, it is clear that while generally the proposals do not impact the industry or boaters in such a dramatic way as state marine parks, there are a number of specific concerns with some zones being very close to or encompassing key recreational fishing areas. A combined response will be made to the consultation by BIAA and local state BIAs: any member wishing to contribute should review the consultation document and then contact their state BIA office or direct comments to BIAA directly using CONTACT US on the website.

Boating Industry Alliance welcomes GST changes for recreational marine industry

In a much-awaited announcement from Treasury today, confirmation of an extension to the period that a new-build recreational boat may remain in Australian waters before export or liability to pay GST, has been welcomed by the Boating Industries Alliance Australia.

Grey imports: an industry response…

BIAA has launched the first phase of a program to tackle the growing and damaging problem of the grey, or parallel, imports market. An education and awareness campaign has commenced with the publication of a consumer-facing information leaflet asking “is it worth it?” when considering a grey import, which is being supported by briefings and seminars at boat shows around the country during the current show season. The leaflet is available to download here or contact your local BIA/MQ office to obtain a supply and more information.

The next phases in the program, to include targeting compliance and development of supporting regulatory requirements, is being developed and will be rolled out to support the industry over the coming months.