The Boating Industries Alliance Australia has established a clear set of objectives based on the requirement to be the single national voice for the recreational and light commercial boating industry in Australia. These objectives define the work plan of the BIAA and recognise the need to work across all sectors of the industry, at all levels of government, cooperatively with all states and with all stakeholders. The strength of the BIAA is based on a concept of mutual development of the industry across the country, learning from best practice in different states and sharing, wherever possible, the skills, knowledge and resources of the boating industry associations across Australia.

The objectives of the Boating Industries Alliance Australia are:

1. To advance, promote and protect the interests of boating industry members on national issues through advocacy to the Federal Government, politicians and departments.

2. To work with federal and state governments in the formulation and implementation of national policies and standards on issues affecting the boating industry.

3. To develop and deliver national professional development, training and education programmes supported by recognised qualifications for the boating industry.

4. To expand and standardise, nationally, member services and benefits to members to improve member experience and grow membership through the sharing of intellectual property and systems between states.

5. To foster co-operation and mutual development of the industry with other industry and consumer based associations.

6. To promote and expand the recreational boating industry in Australia through the promotion of the boating lifestyle, providing opportunities for boating experiences and educating and inspiring boaters.

In conjunction with and in support of these objectives, the BIAA promotes the benefits of national standardisation of regulations and standards, providing state and regional differences can be accommodated within a national standard. This includes climatic and geographical differences which may affect the extent and style of regulation required in different states. Likewise, national bureaucracies are not always required to implement national standards, state agencies often being well placed to implement national standards. BIAA supports all activities to assist the boating industry by the reduction of or rationalisation of regulation across the country and internationally, working with partners in all major marine markets.”