Strategic Plan

Boating Industries Alliance Australia has a core mission to support, promote and protect the interests of all members. The boating industry has matured in recent years to be a substantial and successful sector of the wider Australian economy, employing directly over 28,000 people and generating revenues of close to $8bn. When this is expanded to include indirect employees and revenue, these numbers more than double.

However, now and over the next few years, the boating industry faces significant challenges. These include: government policy and regulation, on both state and federal levels and increasingly international; economic uncertainty, interest rate uncertainty and the high value of the Australian Dollar; competition for the leisure dollar from other sports and pursuits, with both retaining and enthusing the existing boater and in engagement with children and young adults as new-comers to the boating lifestyle.

In recognising these challenges, all of our members’ interests are best served by having a strong, resilient and growing recreational boating industry. To achieve this the BIAA has adopted three pillars that form the outline of a strategic plan:

1. Growing participation in recreational boating

2. Strengthening government advocacy and support for our members

3. Expanding our professional development and career pathways

The Alliance is building on the existing programs of the state Associations to deliver these outcomes on a national basis and will be developing and implementing the strategic plan during 2011.